College/Young Professionals Mentor Ministry

Please download and print this application and complete it if you are an adult member of FUMC and are interested in being a mentor for our students who have just recently graduated from High School. The mentor will be encouraged to pray for their "mentee", send them letters/emails, and be their home church contact person as they transition into college or a career.  

After completing the application and leaving it with the church office, you will be contacted by someone from the Attitudes of Faith Sunday School class.  When you are placed with a student, you will be given their contact information and can begin communication with them before they leave for college or begin their career.   This ministry does not require the High School graduate to respond back to your letters, emails, or texts.  Some students and their mentors have communicated back and forth, while other mentors have never heard back from their "mentee".  Our main goal is to support, encourage, and pray for the student at this time in their life.  If you feel called to be a part of this ministry we encourage you to complete the application.  Thank you!!!!